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razor blade 15 best gaming laptop

The best gaming laptop has become very popular, nowadays. Our researchers try their best to create something new and informative for us. In the past, we actually didn’t think about touchscreen gaming laptops. But now it is very possible to have this one. I think it is very important every gamer wants to have the best gaming laptop. 

Here I am showing you some amazing laptop which is the best gaming laptop.



The Hp OMEN x2 s gaming laptop is the best gaming laptop in 2021 with dual touchscreens. This thing is pretty cool. There is a six-inch 1080p touchscreen right underneath. On the main display, you can use a lot of useful things, which I’ll describe to you later.

Hp omen 2X best gaming laptop

Display, Touchpad, USB port:

First of all, about this best gaming laptop. We can use the secondary display because if you’re planning on picking up this particular laptop. Then you’re most likely interested in using that second display. There are some pretty useful scenarios, where the 2nd display comes in very easily. This is a thin and light best touchscreen gaming laptop with a metal frame. The keyboard deck has been shifted towards the bottom to make room for the dual-screen.

 Secondly, the way of a trackpad, it’s also nice that they included detachable wrist rest. It is very useful when you typing all the keys individually. You can control the lighting through the omen command center for connectivity in this best gaming laptop. It has a total of three USB 3 ports an HDMI and a USB type C. Which is Thunderbolt 3 compatible.

The second screen is very useful for gaming and productivity. It is screaming having a secondary display for the chat section is super useful. There is no need to constantly all tabbing and interrupting your game. You can keep playing and glance over whenever you want to read comments from your viewers and other more things. There is no need to glance down and then glance back up every time. It may get some time to get master using numbers for screen mirroring.

Hp omen command centre:

There is a pretty cool feature from the omen command center that lets you mirror any part of your screen. For example, if you’re playing a game on this best gaming laptop, it has a mini-map you can highlight. And it will show up on the second display.

The best gaming laptop has a 1080p resolution, while the preview window is pretty small. It is also able to expand the timeline and add three more tracks. The laptop has nine three and six-core processors. It can cut and playback 4k video pretty easily.

About storage:

However, an SD card reader upgrading the laptop. It is really easy you just need to remove a total of 6 Torx screws. You can also get access to the memory and storage with the r-tx 2070 max-q. You can gain comfortably over 100 FPS and most titles. Since the monitor has an 840 4s refresh rate with G sync. The games looked even better the one downside. The Omen x2s is using liquid metal instead of regular thermal paste, which is supposed to help with thermals.

The Omen command center also has a nice update with a bunch of new features. If you click on my games tab you can find a visual list of all your games you can even customize it and add any game or application you want to the list. The best part about this best gaming laptop[hp omen X 2S] is that it’s really easy to do constantly adding cool new challenges and you can track your progress here as well. 

If you want more information About Hp best gaming here best Hp gaming laptop.


Asus Zen Book Pro DUOUX581 best gaming laptop

Display, Touchpad, Keyboard:

The Asus Zenbook Pro duo now is the UX 581g. There’s a 14-inch and a 15-inch model. The 14 inches has two full HD displays and the 15 inch has two 4k displays that bottom little display is a 4k display. In modern-day laptops where you cannot game on the laptop because the battery won’t last or you cannot edit 4k footage because the battery won’t last. 

But now there is a new professional best gaming laptop is developing day by day. Among them, AsusZenBookPro DUO UX581 is the best touchscreen laptop. There has a 4k 15.4 inches 3/8 400 by 2160, own lead HDR displays on the top touchscreen, and a 4k 3a4 over 1100 display on the bottom also touch screen. The laptop manufacturers doing this all the time now to make that sound even better.

Now come to the keyboard, this best gaming laptop has a backlit keyboard. The keyboard is not sitting here weird like normal words. The track that has been shifted over to the side and you’ve got that super cool Asus numeric keypad that pops up. The trackpad is also a small gesture so with up to four fingers you can control your entire device with smart gestures.

In one of the best gaming laptop boxes, Asus actually gives you a palm pad now what makes it pretty cool is when this is in charge mode or you switch on the dynamic fan. This little light pops up and it shines through the palm pad and lights up a pretty nifty little feature.

Asus Zen Book Pro DUOUX581 best gaming laptop

About Graphics Card:

It has a two-point six six gigahertz Hexa core which can be turbo-boosted up to four points five gigahertz as for the graphics card. It’s running an Nvidia GeForce r-tx 2060 with six gigs of GDD are 6 theorems. So, this is why the creator and the gamer think, they start coming together especially on a machine like this. As for memory, this has 16 gigs of DDR for two thousand six hundred and sixty-six megahertz of ram and instead of the 16 gigs, you can get the 32 gig option as well as an i-9 processor

Now if you think into yourself well now I’ve got to carry around this. To be quite honest, if you’re a gamer creator and you have one of these potent laptops in your bag you probably got a pair of headphones. You definitely have space for an ultra-thin foam Padget

One of the coolest things is glacis sound for Homme and cotton is extremely awful and primitive. It has a twitch feed at the bottom you can open your chats. It has the highest possible graphics including HDR mode on a 4k HDR monitor and gets over 40 frames per second the power that you get with 16 gigs of ram and this is the i7 model not even the i9 with 32 gigs is unreal.

Now keep in mind 40-plus FPS for Tomb Raider is really high may not be the highest that there is on a desktop computer but for a laptop, it’s extremely high and something like Tomb Raider doesn’t need higher than 40 FPS.

For a video editor, who actually find a laptop to edit their gaming video probably this is the best gaming laptop.


  • CPU:3.3GHZ AMD RYZEN 9 5900HX
  • RAM:32GB DDR4
Asus Rog Zenphyrus DUO SE 15 best gaming laptop

Display, Keyboard, USB:

Now I talk about the best gaming laptop, at the top of the closed laptop, we can see the three notification LEDs. The first one signifies the laptop having power, the second led turns on when the laptop is plugged in and the third led is for hard drive activity. The io ports on the right include two more super-speed USB parts. These are USB 3.2 gen 2 parts that have a maximum throughput of 10 gigabits per second.

Next to that is a USB 3.2 gen 2 USB c port, which can double as a DisplayPort pass through or can be used for charging. Finally, some more air vents io on the left consists of a MicroSD card reader the primary charging port on the headphone jack.

Opening up the ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS DUO SE 15  laptop for the very first time you’ll be created by a thin layer of fabric protecting the screen from the laptop keys. As you open the laptop the second screen lifts in tandem it looks like from the side there’s no webcam which is a good move.

The primary distinguishing factor between this laptop and any other is, there is the fact that there are two screens. The main display is 4k with a resolution of 3840 by 2160. The recommended magnification is 250.


At the keyboard, on the right of the keyboard, we have a few important buttons. The most important being the third one from the right this allows you to toggle the state of the second screen. You can turn on the screen hide it or turn it off completely. Below these quick action buttons, you’ll find the Numpad trackpad combo. Touch the top left of the trackpad to switch between the Numpad and trackpad.

On the other hand, you can use the function key along with the up and down arrow keys to change the brightness of the backlit keys. The left arrow and the right arrow keys are for switching between the different light effects. This is a very cool feature in this best gaming laptop.

There are three brightness levels excluding the completely off state. The typing experience is not something common. The keyboard is a standard chiclet-style so it is the usual affair each key is individually backlit and the travel distance is 1.4 millimeters, but that doesn’t make a noticeable difference for a non-mechanical keyboard.

In the box inside you can see a rectangular box, where you find the supplementary documentation you do get a free copy of the not yet released dying light 2 which is nice. The final piece in the box contains the palm rest will be handy for wrist support due to the keyboard being at the bottom edge of the laptop

About storage and Other things:

The Asus Zephyrus duo 15se featuring the Ryzen 9 5900 HX and RTX 3080 32 gigs of ram and a whole host of other awesome specs spoiler alert. It’s the stunning best gaming laptop stick around the world. When you first open the box you can find two functions the first being that the lid can be used to prop the laptop up to aid in cooling and the second to house the power adapter. The adapter itself is extremely chunky given how powerful the laptop is this makes complete sense.

If I talk about the box, the laptop box is surrounded by quite a dense form giving it heaps of protection during shipping taking the shrink wrap off reveals a sleek packaging which opens in a very unique way opening the larger flap lifts the laptop allowing you to easily lift it out of the box.

Disappointed that there isn’t a laptop pouch or case included given the price of the laptop. It is difficult to hold up with one hand the finish is matte and the dotted pattern is separated by a diagonal line. There’s a rog logo at the bottom left and a republic of gamer’s text etched at the very top.

At the bottom, we have a multitude of vents the six rubber feet and again the republic of gamer’s text etched at the bottom we have easy access to the screws in case we need to replace or upgrade components, which is nice.

The 5900 HX does in Cinebench the processor has 8 cores and 16 threads whereas the desktop equivalent has 12 cores and 24 threads. The temperatures after running for a while with CPU utilization at 100 across all cores the max recorded temperature was 75 degrees celsius which isn’t about for a laptop. It is really surprising gaming on this laptop. Finally, I would say that it is the best gaming laptop in this era.

2.DELL XPS 17:

Dell XPS 17 best gamin laptop

Why it is the best gaming laptop:

The new dell XPS 17 laptop is another best gaming laptop for 2021. So, it consists of an 8 core 11th generation intel core i7 11 800H 16 gigs of ddr4 3200 megahertz ram

512 gigabytes of hard drive Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 and 4 gigabytes at 60 watts video card. A 17-inch full HD plus 1920 by 1200 infinity edge display at 500 nits. 

The next reason to buy the dell XPS 17 is kind of in line with the power and its thermal management. The thermal design of a laptop is important enough to make it its own reason and the XPS 17 might be the best thermally designed large productivity laptop. It has a cooling system, which is a full vapor chamber.  This computer is pretty silent, for a video editor. There is an extreme pro SSD drive for video editing.

It is a much more heroic gaming laptop. It has triple a game at 4k resolution in 60

frames per second. At the higher settings, this best gaming laptop has a decent amount of particle effects and magic stuff the games have that makes them work. It has enough of that going on that you can keep a stable frame rateAnd if you are benchmark focused this will answer the mail in single-core and more impressively multi-core performance.

Display, USB, Keyboard:

This best gaming laptop has a big screen and legitimately looks and feels like a standard 17-inch laptop. Another big positive thing is the keyboard and overall design of the body of the laptop. 

On the inside, dell XPS 17 has a power cord as well as a 130-watt charger, but in the past, dell XPS Pro had problems with the charger not being able to supply enough charge just when the computer was under load. It has not been that problem this year.

They’ll also nicely include an adapter for HDMI and USB because the Dell XPS 17 only has four USB c ports. It’s nice of dell to actually include this little HDMI and USB a

Dongle. The workmanship of the laptop is very beautiful. it’s a very thin ultrabook-like laptop and two thunderbolts 4 on this side with a Kensington lock.

Another two USB type c Thunderbolt 4 ports and a full-sized sd card and also it has the headphone microphone combo jack. And on the bottom, it just has a 97 watt-hour battery. The carbon fiber is very nice, very tactile keys and then we also have some very nice speakers here and no number pad in this best gaming laptop.

Finally, we say it is the best gaming laptop because there is a giant trackpad that is humongous just like the MacBook Pro’s trackpad. The Dell XPS is a 17-inch laptop and the dell adapter for the HDMI and the USB-a. So, that plugs into the monitor and then also the mouse. The USB-a and the USB-c for the power charging and then there are two other Thunderbolt 4 ports on the other side which you can connect to Sandisk.

1.RAZER BLADE 15[2021]:

Razer’s latest update of their blade 15 base model gives us pretty much the same stuff as last year’s model. But with a better graphics card. The current 2021 version of the razer blade 15 is almost the same as the 2020 version. There isn’t that much of a difference between 2021 and 2020. If you want to buy a gaming laptop you definitely choose this one.

Razer BLADE 15 best gaming laptop

About configuration:

If you are new to this model of computer unlike a dell or an apple product. There are options it’s a little more confusing you get graphics card and monitor choices.

The razer blade 15 comes with a six-core intel 10 750 processor six gigabytes of ddr4 memory a 512-gigabyte solid-state drive. And also an Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card with this monitor being a 144hz refresh rate full HD display. There are 2x maximum and upgraded RTX 3070 graphics cards and a QHD display that has 165 hertz.

If you want even better graphics and processors. You can get the blade 15 advanced models which you can get the 8 core 10875 processor and the RTX 3080 graphics card. 

The Razer Blade 15 has the biggest fingerprint magnets. The battery life for a gaming laptop is fine. The power of the razer blade 15 [2021] is easily able to run half-life Alex 

and that’s probably the most graphically intense game.

This laptop has 4k video editing. There are no slowdowns, no real stutters, and no problems with the footage which is good and rare for high-efficiency codecs in a windows machine.