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Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

These indefatigable companions are a great ally for codebreakers, typists, and old-school gamers. The best Mouse Pad with Wrist rest is excellent support (intended joke) for those users who want to improve their posture or gain comfort. In this guide, we bring you examples according to the keyboard format and even specific mouse models. Let’s get started!

Our pick: The most ergonomic mouse pads

In the market, you will find a wide variety and categories of mousepads.  This is our selection, choosing the 3 best models according to the experts. For this, we take into account that the best mat: 

  • Relieves tension in shoulders and neck.
  • Avoid injuries to muscles, bones and joints.
  • Provides agility, since the mouse glides easier, this is ideal for gamers who require speed in the game.
  • It allows precision in the work of designers or architects.
  • It benefits the productivity of your employees in the medium and long term.
  • Creates a positive environment in which comfort is an impetus to work quickly and effectively.
  • They extend the useful life of the mouse.

What is the function of the mouse pad with wrist rest?

The wrist rests are an adjunct that raises the position of the bases of our hands and wrists to the peak of the last line of the keyboard. In the case of the mouse pad, it prevents us from resting our forearm fully on the table. In both cases, they are designed to facilitate a more ergonomic posture and for blood to flow better to our fingers. Its goal is to reduce fatigue and avoid muscle or tendon disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Materials used in the wrist rest

Before going on to list our suggestions as the best wrist rests on the market, it is a good idea to know the most common types of materials in their manufacture.

  • Gel: the wrist rests are filled with a high-density paste that partially adapts to the weight            and position of our hands. They offer moderate flexibility and are slightly heavier than memory foam model.
  •  Memory foam: this type of wrist rest adapts much more to the weight of our hands and is more ergonomic than gel. However, memory foam can lose elasticity over time.
  • Plastic: they are common in keyboards that come included. We can find them in different qualities and coatings. Some are covered in non-slip rubber.
  • Wood: they are hard and resistant, they do not lose elevation but they do not facilitate the irrigation of the blood if we compare them with the gel or viscoelastic models. They are also more expensive.
  • Stuffed fabric: a soft material cover that we can thicken according to our lifting needs. They are not the most recommended models due to the irregularity of the support they provide.
  • Mixed: wrist rest models can combine plastic and gel or plastic with memory foam. They are extremely common.

Regarding the coatings, we can find practically everything. Fabric, non-slip rubber, nylon, polyester, leatherette, leather … Synthetic or leatherette fabrics are the most common since they give the user many facilities when it comes to keeping them clean or avoiding stains.

Best mouse pad wrist rests

If we like the design of the wrist rests included in the Razer Blackwidow, here we have a very similar unit for individual purchase. This combines a layer of memory foam with another cooling gel that will provide absolute comfort to write and play for hours. It won’t be the cheapest, but we know that Razer gets it right every time.•       Indicated keyboard: 100%

  1.   Cover material: polyurethane
  2.  Base material: rubber
  3. Form factor: oval, straight front, sloped

Fellowes Gel Crystals

The Follower Mouse  Wrist Pad features an external latex coating and non-slip rubber on the reverse with three possible color variants. Its maximum height reaches 1.5cm and has an intermediate hardness.

  • Therapeutic gel-filled wrist support reduces pressure points
  • Fit for either the left or right wrist
  • Large mouse tracking surface
  • Made of durable materials
  • Its non-slip fabric keeps it in place

Speedlink:mouse pad with wrist rest

The wrist rest offered by Speedlink has a slightly more open format than that of Followers, allowing us better mobility. Its external coating is finished in rubber and the total elevation that it reaches is 3.2cm.

  • Teclado indicado: 100%
  • Material de la cubierta: poliuretano
  • Material de la base: caucho
  • Factor de forma: ovalado, frontal recto, inclinado

Kensington K52802WW

The rectangular format proposed by Kensington offers support without imposing a specific position on us, which makes it a very functional candidate for PC gamers looking for more versatile support that facilitates mobility. It has a maximum elevation of 1.8cm and a length of 15.2cm.

•Cover material: polyurethane

•Base Material: non-slip rubber

• Form factor: rectangular with rounded edges

Better memory foam mouse pad wrist rests

A functional and efficient model in which the memory foam sits on a rubber base with non-slip rubber on the reverse. This base protrudes a few millimeters from the foam, thus adding stability. The maximum height of the foam is 2.5cm thick.

  • Indicated keyboard:  100%
  • Cover material: cloth
  • Base material: non-slip rubber
  • Form factor:  the foam is wider on the left side, tapering towards the number pad, then regrowth slightly. It describes a slight curve in its posterior area and the rise of the foam is homogeneous.

Better memory foam mouse pad wrist rests

This wrist rest is quite interesting since it offers a solution precisely against the lack of mobility that its use can lead to in mice. Memory foam sits on top of a curved plastic frame that supports the wrist and reduces friction. This results in the best mouse pad wrist rest mobility on this list, although some foam thickness is sacrificed in the process.

  • Indicated keyboard:  100%
  • Cover material: polyurethane
  • Base material: polyurethane
  • Form factor:  oval, straight front and center whale

Brila Mouse Pad

The last memory foam wrist rest of the list, with a rise of 2.8 cm and nonskid base. What makes this model different is the presence of raised texturing that creates areas where we are not fully in contact with the pad, reducing pressure.

  • z Cover material: memory foam
  • Base material: non-slip rubber
  •  Form factor: oval with slight depressions

Kalibri :mouse pad with wrist rest

With an alternative between walnut or maple wood, Kalibri offers its users very slim palm rests, ideal for slim, low-profile keyboards. With a rise of just 1cm, they are the lowest models on the list so far.

  • Ergonomic wrist rest
  • Soft cushioning for the highest levels of comfort
  • Flexible gel padding, conforms to the wrist
  • Suitable for all mouse pads and work plans
  • For either hand

Conclusions mouse pad with wrist rest

The best wrist rests are a very useful accessory but not always as well known or used as they should be. Its use can lead to preventive work when it comes to avoiding more serious discomfort or ailments, so it can be a great acquisition if you spend many hours working on the computer.

When choosing one model or another, we must take into account factors such as the elevation of our keyboard or the type of mouse pad we use. Users of trackpads or mice with trackballs will make good use of models that remain static on the table, while others that use more conventional models could miss that mobility that silicone and non-slip rubber deny them.

The type of material is something that is completely up to your personal choice. Generally, memory foam and gel are the most popular models since they adapt to our changes in position when writing and increase our feeling of comfort. In addition, its lower hardness does not intervene with the flow of blood to our hands even if they are resting on the wrist rest.

according to the materials, format, and height of the elevation must always be made according to our keyboard and mouse pad in use and it is very important to ensure that it is adequate by following the principles mentioned above. And you, do you use a mat? Do you prefer any special material? Leave us a comment!