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Guidelines and Criteria

  1. The article should be count word 1000+ unique
  2. Article need 100% Copyscape passed
  3. Meta title around – 55 to 60 characters with space – unique title
  4. Meta Description – 150 characters with space – unique description
  5. Keyword Use in Title
  6. Keyword Use in Meta Description
  7. Keyword Use in Sub-Heading
  8. Maximum 25 Word in One Sentence
  9. Maximum 2-5 line in one paragraph, maximum of 250 word
  10. Should be used 4 -5 LSI Keyword and Long Tail Keyword – Provide us
  11. 3-4 times Main Keyword for 1000 word article
  12. Use Bullets to Express Important Points – Benefits, Ingredient, Side Effects
  13. Use Maximum 10% Passive Voice
  14. Use Minimum 30% Transition Word – Example ‘in the same way’, ‘across’, ‘Therefore’ Just as’ even so’ beyond’ because’ however’ ‘Besides That’ etc.
  15. In the First Paragraph must use the main Keyword
  16. 3-4 Images relevant to the content

Our Article publishing processes:
If you think your article meets our guideline and you want to natural do-follow backlinks form our site Simply send your article to using this form below and we will respond to you with further details within 24 hours


For each successful writing you will receive a $2 USD to $10 USD one time payment.